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Julio Vincent Gambuto
Los Angeles, pollution-free. Photo: Gabriel Duarte

This is the first part of a series of essays. Read Part II here.

*Gaslighting, if you don’t know the word, is defined as manipulation into doubting your own sanity; as in, Carl made Mary think she was crazy, even though she clearly caught him cheating. He gaslit her.



The older I get the more clear it becomes to me that most of how we think about world events is rooted in our unique point-of-view, our specific vantage point, the cultural and political context in which we were raised. This is not a mind-blowing realization. It is one of…

Photo source: IATSE

The clock is ticking out in Los Angeles. With the strike deadline set for this Monday at 12:01am, IATSE — the union that represents film and television workers — has put their last card on the table: they have 60,000+ members ready to walk. According to industry reporting, both parties…


Photo by Dyana Wing So on Unsplash

Today was the first day in a month that I felt homesick. I have been in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, since September 15, when my boyfriend and I flew to the Balkans, masks-up, for our first annual post-summer trip to spend time with his friends and family. Thanks to…


The imminent strike of 60,000+ workers is a model for every other industry

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

A strike looms. This weekend, IATSE, Hollywood’s largest union of below-the-line workers — basically everyone but the producers, directors, actors, and writers — will vote to authorize a strike, which would see over 60,000 workers walk off…


Photo by Juan Encalada on Unsplash

I am in Montenegro, part of the former Yugoslavia, for six weeks. (I fell in love during the pandemic. It’s a long story.) Tonight, I had dinner with a woman who explained to me what happens here when a woman is pregnant: she gets one year “maternity leave” to stay…


Photo source: Travel Daily

When Joe Biden returned from his first international trip in June, he reassured America that he had reassured our allies that America was “back.” Having campaigned for Biden and voted for him, I wanted to believe — in my bones — that the Trump years were just a fever-dream of…


The view from Postcards 9/11 Memorial on Staten Island | PC: Paul Hamilton

I distinctly remember how conversation changed after 9/11. In the days and weeks after the towers fell, when we all tired of using the list of new words that had been thrust into the lexicon — terrorism, Al Qaeda, jihad, Ground Zero, anthrax — and we were exhausted from teaching…

Julio Vincent Gambuto

Writer/Director based in NYC. Politics + Pandemic + Personal. Outspoken so I can help make sense of this modern world.

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