DNC Night 3 Recap

A Dozen Takeaways from the Joe Biden Care-athon

(Night 1 was a trainwreck, except for Michelle. Night 2 was the “hook” with an inspiring roll call. Night 3 got me fully. Fantastic.)

  1. Kerry Washington was beautiful, smart, connected, and lovely. And she knows how to pick a suit. Clearly, the Dems got feedback that Eva Longoria Baston Garcia Lopez Quinones de la Luz talked way too much in the pilot, and they scaled back the “Actress/Moderator” role in Episode 3. (Relax, my mother’s name is Maria Immaculata Teresa Perrone Gambuto DeNicolo. I love “ethnic” names. Italian-Americans think they’ve always been white in America; we haven’t.)
  2. Gabby Giffords is on the mend and was inspiring in a piece about gun violence. Best line: “I struggle to speak, but I have not lost my voice.”
  3. Billie Eilish spoke well and then had a tasteful performance. I don’t love the musical interludes, but at least this was an A-lister with cool hair. Are the young people actually watching? It made Night 1 look like an open mic at Applebee’s.
  4. Videos of Nancy Pelosi through the ages reminded us all that she is, in fact, 500 years old. I know she’s a badass. I agree. I just don’t love being referred to as “LGBTQ,” adjective and noun all in one. (I think she read it wrong.)
  5. Hmmm, Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles, is actually kind of hot.
  6. Elizabeth Warren rocked it. Period. She was lit well, knows how to make fun of her own “plans,” and understands the power of speaking clearly and directly. Best line re: Trump: “He failed miserably.” Please let her be the Secretary of Education or Treasury. (And I love the “BLM” in kid letters on the bookcase. Thanks for pointing it out, Kate McDermott.)
  7. Amy Klobuchar was nowhere to be found tonight. Wow. Huh? She’ll be back tomorrow. No way we end this summer limited series without Amy making one last appearance. She is the birthday candle we can’t blow out.
  8. Hillary Clinton was Hillary. Some say it was awkward. Some cried that they miss her. I was just pissed they cut to the side angle when she finally got really roaring. Best line: “This can’t be another woulda-coulda-shoulda election.” Let’s be real. We all would have been perfectly happy with four words, direct to camera, drink in-hand: “I told you so.” (h/t Richard Brown)
  9. Apparently, there is no official White House video footage of Joe Biden receiving his Medal of Freedom — only a home video that my dad could have shot in 1984 with an RCA VHS shoulder-bag camcorder. I think that’s Joe between all the heads getting awarded the country’s highest civilian honor…?
  10. Barack Obama gave the speech of a lifetime. It will be studied for generations. It showed us who we used to be. It showed us just how far we have fallen. And because he had no crowd, it wasn’t performative. It wasn’t a church service. He spoke into the camera with a kind of intimacy that no one else accomplished. And he spoke in full fucking sentences. Remember those? Best line: “Do not let them take away your power.” This wasn’t a speech. It was an emergency declaration. (See my story about him here.) Scott Baio, you’re up.
  11. Kamala Harris was brilliant. The poor woman keeps having to speak to empty rooms. Jesus, couldn’t we give her a small, masked audience instead of ten reporters glued to their laptops? Come on. But it worked. She was presidential. She was prosecutorial. She was lovable. And she was tough. Best line: “I know a predator when I see one.” I cannot wait for the Vice Presidential debate(s). The popcorn is ready. We love you, Mamala.
  12. CNN cut out before Jennifer Hudson. Andrew Yang on CNN was a little boy who just got Kamala Harris for Christmas. We all feel the same way.

If you read this far, make sure you’re registered, make sure you request your mail-in ballot tomorrow if you plan on voting by mail. Also, volunteer, make a donation, buy a hat. Make your support known. Sending love.

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