Just Do One More Thing

You’ll feel better November 4th

Yes, we’re all exhausted. This year has brought us to our knees. We’re doing our best to hold our heads high as layer upon layer of trauma hits us. The chapters of pandemic life have crashed into us like waves, each harder and more painful than the last: the initial shock, the Zoom orientation, the Great Pause, the life pivot, the summer that wasn’t, now the autumn realization that — wow — this isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Add on top of that the protests, the riots, the homeschooling, and now, well, Sean Connery has died. The memes don’t lie: 2020 is scary enough. Who needs a Halloween costume?

I get it. We’re all wiped out, myself included. But in three days, this country will either elect a new president or it won’t. We will either flip the Senate or we won’t. We will either hand the GOP a decisive blue landslide or we’ll be in court for the next three months. None of it is done yet. None of it is decided yet. It is not over. Don’t listen to the pundits and polls and those getting paid millions to tell you what they think will happen. Tune out the common bitterness that says your vote doesn’t matter. Silence the voice in your head that says you cannot effect change. What will happen is what we collectively make happen — nothing less and nothing more.

So, friends, I am asking you to do just one more thing. Yes, vote. But find one way in the next three days to voice your concerns, your hopes, your frustrations, your love. Do just one more thing to get Vice President Biden into office. You are one in 328 million, but you are mighty. Do just one more thing to make sure your friends and family vote blue up-and-down the ticket. Your phone call, your text, your conversation could be their personal tipping point. Do just one more thing to reach out to the swing states. Our friends in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and the other swing states hold our collective future in their hands. Do just one more thing. You choose what it is. But do it.

Since the birth of social media, we have been living under this misguided delusion — a spell of sorts — that says the individual is nothing without a following of millions. If you are not Kim Kardashian, you are not beautiful. If you are not Barack Obama, you are not a leader. If you are not Steph Curry, you cannot shoot a hoop. We have now raised a generation of kids to believe that to be seen and heard in the world, to be valued, you must be “liked” the most. Our country doesn’t have enough time for you to get to 20M followers by Tuesday. You are already valuable. And you have three days to change the world.

The only thing that has ever changed the world has been individual action — one voice talking to another voice talking to another. We have seen that power on full display this year. What comes out of your mouth can spread to two others who pass it on to two others. The virus knows the power that one regular person has to effect millions. The virus knows that by simply opening your mouth, you can determine whether a neighbor or friend lives or dies. Know that power today, tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday. Open. Your. Mouth. You can determine if our democracy lives or dies.

Yes, the stakes are that high. They always have been. They continue to be. So, make a call. Send an email. Write a post. Get louder. Next week, we’ll all forget how annoying you were. But right now, your voice is needed. 90 million votes may have already been cast, but there are 165 million eligible voters who still haven’t cast their ballots. The future is not yet written. How we wake up Wednesday morning is still up to all of us. If we want to wake up relieved, calmer, and hopeful about our country, we can. We just each have to do one more thing.

Writer/Director. Creative. Thinker. Weekly: where the personal, pandemic and the political meet / juliovincent.com • Tw:@juliovincent

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