Oh, hey there.

Hello from New York City, my friends

Starting today, I’ll be posting more regularly here on Medium — weekly, if not more — launching a column here on this page. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share short pieces and long ones, deep thinking and light fare, and connecting with readers across the world. My work will focus where the political, the pandemic, and the personal meet. Let’s face it: there is enough straight political commentary in the world; you don’t need mine. Instead, I’ll examine life and society in this strange moment we are living together. Hopefully, my work will spark thought, inspire conversation, and make your screen time meaningful. I also write a mean debate recap, which I have thus far only shared on Facebook. I’ll be posting those here going forward.

By training, I am a film writer and director. I work in story and in emotion, all day long, so my writing usually reflects that perspective. It also tends to reflect my experience as a gay man, an Italian-American, a working-class kid, a New Yorker, an uncle of six, an aspiring father, a bourbon drinker, a pen enthusiast, and a lover of all things type and design. Most importantly, I believe in humans — me and you — and our power to create the world we want to live in, instead of the bizarre reality we currently find ourselves in. I am, at heart, an optimist.

My experience with Medium has been surreal since the publication of my essay, “Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting,” in April. I send my deepest gratitude to all those who read the essay, shared it, and amplified my voice to over 20M people around the world. The greatest lesson I took from that wild digital adventure was that this is a place to connect in an authentic and truthful way.

I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy my weekly pieces.

With love,
Julio Vincent

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Where the personal, pandemic and the political meet // • @juliovincent

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