Welcome to the Work-from-Home Club

Ten tips to make working from home bearable — and successful

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Freelancers all over the country and the world have been working from home for decades. Once work went digital and professional life went online, many of us went to Starbucks. We went to the dining room table. We went to the garage. We logged on and got to work. Over the years, we have built up some very useful knowledge that has helped us grow businesses, keep our desks running smoothly, and make our lives “work”…even though we don’t go to an office each day. During this bizarre and unprecedented time, the fundamentals of working from home might help those of you who are now doing it for the foreseeable future. Here are our top ten tips. We’re sorry it’s under such strange circumstances, but welcome to the club.


These tips have been edited from the e-book Freelance Heaven: 100 Ways to Make Freelance Life Easier and Avoid Freelance Hell, by Julio Vincent Gambuto.

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Where the personal, pandemic and the political meet // juliovincent.com • @juliovincent

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